2000 dodge ram 2500 brake noise


Dear guys/girls, I am having a problem with my truck that bugs anyone here so far. When I turn my wheel to the right with the truck on park and without the brakes applied I have brake noise coming from the pads and rotor on the passenger side. I do not have it when I am driving or when I come to a stop. Last week I put in new pads, the old ones where glazed and the noise did not go away. Then I suspected the caliper, it is the original and with 120k miles it did not looked ok, so I did a test: open the bleeder to see if relieving the pressure between the hose and the caliper would make the noise disappear, brake fluid came out but did not worked, I thought that the caliper pistons where stuck and replaced the caliper with a rebuilt unit. I turn the tire by hand and it spins free, I checked the the suspension components , it checks ok. I greased the upper ball joint. The only repair on that area that was done was the shocks that were replaced…

Thank you for your answers and help.