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Front Calipers sound like pirate ship; creak, groan creak

I have a 2006 Ford Freestar. The front calipers (or something in that area, seem to creak and groan when I depress the brake peddle, whether I’m moving or whether I’m stopped. It seems louder when I’m coming to a stop compared to when I’m trying it out in the garage. I had to replace the right front wheel bearing so while I was at it, I inspected the brakes, sanded and slightly oiled the tips of the brake shoes in case they were creaking in the clips. I also inspected the caliper glides, but they have rubber dust boots, so I did not see a way to oil them, but they moved freely. The shoes looked great. No sounds changed after replacing the wheel hub/bearing. Everything was the same.

Does anyone have any ideas? I have taken to a shop, they did not know. They said not to worry too much, but if I was worried, we could start replacing things till we figured it out. I’m not made of money. And I’m usually very handy when it comes to working on my cars, (wheel hub/bearing was easy on this car) but this creaky caliper has me stumped.

You might try something that is recommended. Guesswork is the bestwork but there is this stuff in cans or tubes with names like brake quiet and you can read the instructions printed on the can or box or tube and choose the one you like the best.

The glides or pins have a grease that goes in there and they can be removed with the right tools, sometimes a Torx internal wrenching deal. You will have to remove the pads to use the brake stuff on them.

When you remove the pads, and reinstall the pins, you can check to see if the caliper body slides in and out.