8 trips to 2 different brake shops!

I have a 2005 Toyota 4Runner (2WD) that started to get a high pitch squeak when I brake at most speeds. Long story short, I have had 4 sets of pads put on, 3 turns of the rotors and the front calipers rebuilt amoung other stuff I’m not even sure about. These were spread over two repair shops as I thought the first place was just worthless but it turns out that they are both worthless! The same noise still happens with all of this work.

Any ideas on how to fix? The noise is a constant high pitch shreek- not sure exactly what wheel its coming from.

Neither of these shops could say "we narrowed it down to the ()wheel? I ask mysely, why can’t the shop a least identify where the noise is comming from?The answer I come up with is not that the shops are incompetent but that the noise is intermittent and they are taking their best shot at it.

The noise is actually very consistent so they should be able to identify where its coming from at the very least. The best I’ve come up with is to have a friend cling to the side of my vehicle near each wheel well and vote on which one it is coming from. No takers on that idea yet.

Try yet another shop. Don’t leave until the sound is gone. And, don’t pay until the sound is gone. With this type of problem, a short road test is required after repair to insure it is fixed. Insist on going with them.

Are they looking at all four wheels, or just the front?

I own a 2005 4runner (4wd)…and the brakes on this truck are pretty simple. Any decent mechanic should be able to tell what the noise is…and where it’s coming from.

WHEN does the noise happen??? When you press the brakes…or all the time when you’re moving??? Does pressing the brake have any effect on the noise??

One more note…They replaced the calipers…Calipers are NOT usually the source of a brake noise.

Go to a Toyota Dealer Parts counter and purchase a set of FACTORY brake pads. Go to any decent parts store and purchase a can of CRC “De Squeak” product. Take these two items to ANY decent mechanic and have them used and installed. That should solve your problem.

I’m trying to figure out how you got three (3) turns out of the rotors?

Normally you’d be lucky to get one (!) turn from new.

Get new rotors and try what Caddyman said.

If the new pads don’t ‘mate’ with the rotors (new or turned) they will always squeal.

The’ve done work on all 4 wheels.

The noise happens only when I’m pressing on the brakes, not just randomly while I drive it. It can happen at 45 or at 10 mph, it doesn’t seem to matter at what speed.

I knew the calipers probably wouldn’t fix the problem but I let him do it anyway because I said if it didn’t fix the problem, I wasn’t going to pay and the mechanic agreed (this was the 4th trip to one place). Sure enough it didn’t work so I didn’t pay.

It sounds like new rotors and new brake pads and some “De Squeak”. I guess there’s no magic fix.

Whatever happens, post back with a follow up, ok?