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Loud noise coming from my toyota

I have a 1991 toyota 4runner with 4wheel drive stick shift and it has been making a loud rrrrrrrrrrrr sound. It seemed like it was coming from the front right wheel or somewhere close to that area, so I checked the brake pads and rotor for rocks or any other object that might have gotten stuck. There was nothing stuck, however I did notice that the boots were ripped. So I changed both front axles and I also replaced the wheel bearing only from where the noise appears to be coming from. The noise is still there. It makes the noise sometimes, if i’m going slow or fast. Other than that, the car drives well. Thanks. I hope someone can help me out with this problem.

Does the noise vary with speed? Does it make the noise when you are stopped? Have you rotated the tires to see if the noise moves?

well it usually makes it in slower speeds however ever so often in faster speeds as well and when it makes the noise if I go faster the noise well speed up too . No when the car comes to a stop there is no noise. Yes tires have been rotated.