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1995 Toyota Camry

30A fuse for power windows blown/replaced/blown/replaced. Driver side rear window developed erratic motion and hot to touch. Replaced driver side rear window motor. Window did not operate. Took master switch apart and noticed burnt contacts that control driver rear window. Replaced master switch thinking that original worn motor caused switch contacts to burn. Master switch smoked, notice yellow on red wire burning insulation (wire at master switch). Where can I find schematics to understand what can be shorting here?

Those types of wiring diagrams may be in the Haynes, or Chilton’s, repair manual. Also, online (on the Internet) google “wiring diagrams”. It is inexpensive at $6 to $15.
You can, also, go to your public library, and ask a librarian how to access the Web sites that carry wiring diagrams. I use the library Web sites.