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Wiring on Toyota 4runner 99

Got some wiring issues I need help on. Fuses are all good, but front 12 volt plugs dont work, manual dome lights dont work although door ones do, sun roof is dead, and rear wiper isnt working. Just from messing around, rearwiper started working but appears half burned out. Any help on replacing rear wiper motor will help. Thanks.

It sounds like there are some bad connections that need to be worked on in order to fix the troubles. I suggest you invest in a factory service manual that covers the wiring for the vehicle. It is an investment that will pay for itself.

the connection has been off and on. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it dont. Right now its been kaput for a long time.

You really need an electrical test multimeter and the wiring diagrams. You really, really, really do. Ain’t no bull!
The Haynes, or Chilton’s repair manual may have the wiring diagrams. Check’em out.

I have the Chilton repair manual but its very unclear about all the stuff I really need to know.

Here is one source for the wiring diagrams. The price, starting at $6, is quite reasonable.
For freebie stuff, go to your public library and ask for help from one of “information assistants”. There are one or two online sources they can help you get to. Those are library subscribed online service, so they are only available through your public library.

Got it. The fuses were all good and the relay was clicking. Had me stumped. The problem itself was in the cord for my GPS. Apparently the tip unscrewed itself and had fallen off along with the fuse. But anyhow the plugs on the truck work and had worked all along. Thanks for the advise anyhow.