95 camry window problems

i have a 1995 toyota camry le i replaced the 30 amp green fuse and 2 passenger windows worked then it blew the fuse any idea on possable problem

With the age of your vehicle, there might be a problem with the wiring harness that runs between the drivers door and the body. If you look at the hinge area of the door, you’ll see a rubber duct. Inside this duct are all the wires that supply power to the drivers door controls and the door switch. Because this is the drivers door, it’s the door that gets opened and closed the most often. Over time, this opening and closing of the door can flex the wires inside this duct where they break. Most times when this happens, things like the door controls for locks and windows fail to function or the automatic shoulder harness can fail to function.

Now I’m assuming you operated the two passenger windows from the drivers door? If that’s the case, there just might be broken wires in that duct shorting out causing the fuse to blow.