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Replacing fuel pump in 1987 Chevy S10 pickup

Our truck cranks but won’t turn over. Battery is fairly new. Cranking it enough that engine should flood but doesn’t & no smell of gas with hood up. My husband has worked on older cars some in the past & we’re wondering how difficult it is to change the fuel pump in this truck. Would love to save the $400+ we’re being quoted to replace at the garage.

Those generally mean the same thing.
I think on that truck you will need to pull off the bed to get to the tank.

Do you actually know that you need a fuel pump ?

Having replaced an in-tank fuel pump on a Chevy SUV, if you can get to the top of the tank, it isn’t to tough to replace the pump IF that’s the real problem.

I cut a hole in the floor above the pump because I didn’t want to drop the tank. Considering the pump assembly was $200, I’d have gladly paid $400 for the job IF I had to drop the tank. The pickups can usually pop off the bed - get 3 more friends to help lift it off - and then replace the pump.

If a pressure test was not done, you are shooting in the dark and this may not fix it. Murphy’s Law flat insists it won’t be the problem if you did not do a pressure test AND an electrical test before assuming its the pump.

How does the garage know the fuel pump needs to be replaced? Ask them how they know. They may have done the tests @Mustangman mentioned above. If so, you might save yourself a couple hundred bucks. BTW, just ask how and don’t ask about those specific tests. If they are shady, they might say yes to both no matter what. I don’t know anything about them. I’m just being cautious.

Thank you all for your great advice. Now armed to talk to the guys at the garage & ask the right questions.
Also, convinced my husband that it’s more of a job than he wants to tackle.
Again, many thanks.

“get 3 more friends to help lift it off . . .”

That’s not an option for those of us that don’t have ANY friends :frowning2:

I had a friend once but I missed one monthly payment and that ended that. ;:frowning: