1995 Neon

My son has a 95 Neon and was in a wreck where both air bags deployed and passenger side was impacted … car has been put back together and cranks but wont catch and start we are getting code 42 … pump relay switch is ok what else could it b?

my book says “auto shutdown relay circuit” that means the relay or any of the wiring is bad.

so ‘possibly’ during his wreck he knocked a wire off… shorted it … or lost a ground? what kind of wire r u referring to? in the fuel system?

“auto shutdown relay circuit” it sounds like there might be an additional relay in the circuit. check the owners manual and see there is an emergency fuel cut-off relay andor switch that might need to be reset after a collision.

what kind of wire r u referring to?

I certainly hope this is not the beginning of texting language for general writing.  All those messages without the use of punctuation or paragraph breaks are bad enough. At least proper case was used.

Check the Owners Manual for any mention of a “fuel pump inertial switch” and how to reset it. My Dad’s 89 Tempo had the switch which was designed to cut power to the fuel pump in the event of a crash.

Ed B.

there is no ‘reset’ switch … is the ‘auto shut down relay’ located in same place as the fuel pump relay?