My '96 Neon will not start (Fuel Pump is not kicking in)

The car would start with no problem, until the guys came and put a back wind shield in it and now when we turn the key, nothing happens. We had wondered if it was possible that maybe there is a relay or some thing that has caused the fuel pump to get “turned off” and could simply be reset with a button. If so, where is it? I looked and couldn’t find it. If that is not the problem, then what else should we check?

Try not to associate the window glass with the fuel pump…prolly just a co-inky-dink. Try this…turn the key all the way on…and BANG on your fuel tank… see if you hear the pump run after that. You also have a fuel pump relay…and possibly a fuel pump breaker (a la Ford Taurus…but doubt it). Your fuel pump relay and or your fuel pump may be getting tired…banging on the tank sometimes vibrates the pump into running again.

There are several tests you can do to rule out whether it is the pump…or relay…etc. Let us know what you get…and find that Fuel pump relay…see if you can swap it w another similar relay in the fuse box…

The fuel pump relay is identical to the horn relay. Both are in that plastic electrical box under the hood. You can swap them to see if that helps, but relays seldom go bad.

You have no fuel pump breaker or reset button. If you can’t get the fuel pump to work by beating on it, you likely have a bad fuel pump. Fortunately, replacement is simple, since you don’t have to drop the gas tank.