Fuel pump 98 dodge neon

fuel pump fuse keeps blowing.

with fuel pump relay removed

fuse still blows.

fuel pump wires check for short and none found check engine light says fuel pump

or auto shutdown relay short or open circuit none found.

fuel pump continuity checked fine.

both relays for fuel pump and auto shutdown test fine…

why does fuel pump fuse blow?

This is the 20a fuse in the PDC, right? And you say the fuse blows even if the fuel pump relay is removed? Then the problem must be somewhere in the ASD circuitry, which is quite extensive. First, swap the ASD relay with the horn relay. I believe they are identical. If nothing good happens, inspect the wiring harness for any appearance of damage or excessive heat. This may be a tough cookie.

http://www.autozone.com/az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/1e/42/41/0900823d801e4241/repairInfoPages.htm Click on this web site page. Then, click on Fig. 5. Pull fuse #21. One side of the socket will be 12 volts. Use a voltmeter and check the other side for short (very low ohms) to the car body on the dark green with white wire to the fuel pump relay. Do the same from fuse #10 (15A). NCA means that no color was assigned to the wire. It could be any color. // If nothing else, you could cut the dark green/white wire at the fuse and at the f/p relay and splice in another wire.