Continuing: No Spark!

me_art12: I wrote you a response yesterday afternoon but unfortunately didn’t get to read your answer(s) before they wiped the past posts out!

I last wrote about both the ASD and the Fuel injector Relays energizing and within 5 seconds clicking off cutting off the power…Both of the relays are new , and i am getting power to the PCM. I have traced and traced wires 'till I’m blue in the face…what could be shutting down those relays?- You’ve been a GREAT help so far…, your continued help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Crankshaft position sensor I’m guessing…

You need to look for your other post with the heading: LOSS OF VOLTAGE --Relays click… There are responses to it. Me_art12.

Well, looks like the other post is gone again.
It would help if you could provide a bit of info as we go along with this.

The dark blue wire is supposed to power up with the key in the RUN and START position? Does it do this?

The dark blue/yellow wire should ground electronically through the ECM, and trigger the relays, when the key is turned to the RUN position? Does it do this?

If so, does it lose the ground after a few seconds? If so, this may be normal (your initial fuel pump prime).

When the engine is then cranked over, does the ground through the dark blue/yellow reappear? If so, this would be because the ECM is being provided a pulse by the ignition.

Have you tried using a test light between the dark blue/yellow ASD wire and ground (with the key in the RUN position) to see if the relays will trigger?

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