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1995 Ford Windstar rear windows won't close

rear window don’t close(both)…

Bummer, Do you have a question?

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1995 ford windstar rear window won’t close

Still not a question…

And absolutely NO information about this van. We don’t even know if it has power windows. You might try giving us a little hint or 2, Ricardo, if you expect some help.

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it has power widows…2 in the front and 2 in the back.Each one has his owe swich.In the midle has one in each side than not move…thank you.

Can you explain this in more detail? some switches work, some do not?

Are you trying to be vague and difficult to understand?

If the middle is the second row, I don’t believe they had second row power windows in the 1995 Windstar. The “Rear” or third row seats have vent windows, are those the windows that are inoperative?

With a 23 year old Windstar your doing well if that’s you biggest problem.


Yes…the only one…

You are not giving the people here who can help enough info to help. I think this vehicle has one sliding door on the passenger side and that window may not open. Are you talking about the rear most side windows being power operated and stuck open. As Bill says , being vague will not help you get assistance.

We had a Windstar. The rear windows swing out and are powered. The window in the passenger side sliding door is fixed. The window in the wall behind the driver (no sliding door) is fixed.

OP, it could be the motors for each window, the wiring, or the switches. Did they fail at the same time or at different times?

That is the typical configuration for that time.

The vent window actuators sometimes become weak and inoperative.

this right here might be the problem… :joy::joy:

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Look at where the wires exit the driver’s door and go into the body, in the hinge area. Notice anything unusual, chaffing of the wire insulation, etc? If you don’t see anything there, your shop will have to do several tests to determine what the problem is. Usually quickest way to figure it out is to start by measuring the voltages at the window motor/actuator.