Power Windows Failure- 1998 Ford Winstar


I have a 1998 Ford Winstar with 83,000 miles on it. Recently, after driving 300 miles highway, I roled down the windows when exiting the highway. When I parked a few minutes later, the windows would not roll up. The bell that lets you know the lights are on or door ajar was not working either. A few ninutes later the bells went off and I rolled the windows up. It as yet to work since. I consulted the owners manual but it did not have a section for fuses for car windows.

Thank you so much!



I doubt that it is the fuse. If a fuse was blown, it just would not work. Is it just one window or both, and can you roll down the passenger window with the passenger side switch? If the passenger side switch works, you might try contact cleaner on the driver’s side switches. It is also possible that you need new motors or regulators. It’s not a bad job; you can do it yourself. I prefer replacing the regulator and motor at the same time. Before you do, check the power to the switch and motor with a voltmeter. Check the switch first. If there is power, then check at the motor. If you read power both places, you should replace the motor/regulator set. It’s about time for a 1998 car to replace them.


Had a rear window that wouldn’t work on our 98 town car. Took to a auto upolstry/trim shop. He removed the door panel, smacked the motor, window works yet, today. Guess lack of use caused dead spot in motor. Now I work all the windows just for entertainment & their exersize. :slight_smile:


On my wifes windstar I found that the grease with which the worm gear was lubricated became thick and would not let the windows function properly until they would not go up or down at all. I cleaned most of this grease off and problem was gone.

Reminder, Windstars do other very strange things and then just fade away and go back to normality.


The info you gave is a good clue that there may be a power connection problem where those items tie together. Possibly a common fuse point. You may need to get a service manual to guide you on this. I highly recommend getting one. Once you use it you won’t let it go.


The window motor may have given up. These things take a beating anyway, even when new.

The reason the window may have quit and then started working again is that the safety relay may have popped due to excessive current draw by the window motor.
Once cooled down in a few minutes it will work again but there gets to be a point when the motor just wheezes its last.

The problem may not be the relay so much as the window motor.


Thank you jtsanders.


Our 2003 Windstar w/77k miles just started doing that in June. At first it hesitated occasionally but then it quit. When you want it down someone has to hold the button down while a 2nd person pulls down on both inside and outside of window. A station attendant told us that his did that, he took door panel off, cleaned mechanism and it worked fine after that. We have yet to try that.