Please Help with my ford windstar power window problem



Hi, I Recently purchased a 01 ford windstar, with the driver window inoperable. I had the motor & regulator replaced. Now the driver window will go down about 3 inches and stop but does not go back up, he told me i needed to change the switch, so i changed the switch but its the same thing. Any advice?


Find a better mechanic. There’s no excuse for guessing at this problem. All the components involved are easy enough to test.


I would look at greasing the workings and rollers, the thinking being if it senses a certain amount of resistance it stops, thinking it is at the bottom. Correct me please if this is not a factor.


It could be in the wiring harness. There might be some info on some Ford forums. Ever since the Windstar/Junkstar/Crapstar/Salvage yard seed star/ was introduced the vehicle has had electric problems.