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2003 Ford Winstar Windows

Power Vent Windows stopped working. First one than a couple of months later the other. Any ideas?

Fuses, motors, switches.

It doesn’t look to be the fuse since other things for that fuse are still working. Can anyone tell me how to get to the motor for these windows?

Google: ford windstar power vent window motors You will get a list of suppliers.
Be sure to check for voltage at the motor before you order new motors.

I am not sure what you mean by power vent window. I had to replace the driver window motor in our 03 windstar, a bear of a job, drill out the rivets and put nuts in as a replacement, $75 at the junkyard, $400 at the dealer, are we on the same page?

@Barkydog–I think the OP is referring to the rear windows near the back of the van. On some of the Windstar models, these were motorized and would swing out with the push of a button. I had a 2000 Windstar, and I think these were power operated, but I am not sure.

Triedaq is right they are the windows near the back of the van. Does anyone know how to get to the motors for these windows?

What’s the problem?

It’s a Windstar.

Sorry, too easy.

I took a look at ours it appears the motor is at the arm that opens the window. One screw and the seat belt need to be removed then pull off the trim piece and you should be good. Hope you don’t have to drill out any rivets!