1995 Buick Park Avenue - Looking for a restoration company

Does anyone know who can provide restoration to a 1995 Buick Park Avenue?

There are restoration shops all across America, some better than others. But a 95 Buick?

Yes , I do.

I’m pretty sure google will have some ideas.

Would like the OP to come back, the only 90s Buick I would want to keep is the full size Roadmaster Estate Wagon, even then I would prefer a pre-1972 Ford or Mercury wagon.

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A friend of mine used a shop in Anchorage, Alaska.
Is that a convenient location for you?

Hi @Jg32:
Have you taken a look at the Buick Club of America site?

It’s at www.buickclub.org/

There is a lot of great information there.

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For a car that new I’d just find a good body shop and a good independent mechanic, they should get it back in shape with no problem.

What exactly needs restoring?

Thanks for your reply. There is rust on the body and undercarriage. The inside is fine. The car currently has 63k miles on it. There is also some scratches and dents on the body.

I checked and sent an email weeks ago and did not receive a reply. Thanks for your response.

Thanks for your reply. I’m actually on the East Coast.

I checked google first and did not find anything useful.

I’m looking to restore it because I’m the 3rd generation owner. It’s more about the sentimental value.

That is a large area so at least you could say what city you are in . Rust never sleeps , any body shop can tell you if it is feasible to even do rust repair on this vehicle .

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Then I’d go to Yelp and Goolge, research body shops in your area, go to a couple and get their opinions/estimates.

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I have been to a few shops. One suggested I drive it to the junk yard. The other didn’t seem interested in working on it.

Washington DC

Those responses are what is known as a clue that you will spend a lot of money for no reason .
Sentimental it may be but being road worthy may be out of the question .


That tells me the rust is extensive. It’ll be many thousands to get this car fixed, why not find a clean one of that age and buy it?


I received that recommendation as well but I have not been able to find one like the one I have. It’s interesting that not many are available for purchase.