Repair problems

I have a 1995 Buick Park Avenue with approximately 173,000. In the last year, I have gotten new tires, new tail lights, a new starter, and just had some repair on the radiator (I don’t have the paperwork in front of me) at a total cost of $1,009.05.

Within days of the last repair, the car died on the road. I had to have it towed and now I am looking at another $300+ repair.

The interior of the car is in great shape (with some cleaning); the exterior is in fair shape. I enjoy all the little luxuries this car provides; however, at what point should I give up on this car? Should I have it fixed and drive it again? Should I have it fixed and sell it? Or should I just sell it for scrap? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What did it do no longer when it died recently?

The stuff in your first post is pretty normal for a car that mature. The cost sounds high…are you going to a dealer shop?

Your at the point many here have faced. It may be time to look for something more recent.
However if you have taken meticulous care and the care is basically in great shape,keep it.
Maybe not much help,but i’m looking at a 13 yr.old car.

$300 buys you a working car. Doing nothing yields you about $500 or less as no one will want your car given mileage and its not running.

Even though it does not feel it these repairs are still less expensive than replacement.

I appreciate everyone’s comments. My son was driving the car to work while on Christmas break from college. He works at an auto body repair shop and knows a little bit about cars. As I remember, he said it started vibrating and then started missing and then just died. He had it towed to the local auto repair shop that fixed the radiator as I thought it might be related to the latest repair. The repairman, who seems to be an honest guy, says I now need a control module and that the water pump is leaking. Any more advice would be helpful. Thanks!

I think that 173 000 miles could be a long way for this car. I suggest that if you have the money to try to get it fixt this time you should try, but also you should have to be thinking seriously of replacing it. If it has a sentimental value it is better that you start learning how to make repairs on it by yourself. You might enjoy it. I have started at age 51.

This car is wel worth fixing if you do not drive much. My late brother-in-law had one just like it and drove it for years without any problems. Shop around for a good mechanic, and as mentioned you can do some things yourself, or at leats learn how to monitor the car proactively so you have some warning of things about to happen.

Would you buy a 1995 Buick Park Avenue in good running condition w/173K miles for $300? If yes, then fix the car. Look at it another way: compare $1300 with the depreciation and financing costs of a newer car over a year. It’s probably not even close. My vote would be for keeping the car.