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1994 Toyota Pickup Clutch

Hello all,
I have a 1994 Toyota Pickup DLX 3.0 V6 5spd. I love this truck to death since I inherited it from my grandfather… however, I have a small problem. Whenever the truck sits for about 3 days without being driven; when I go to drive it the next morning, the clutch will go straight to the floor when I press it. No feedback what-so-ever. Sometimes it’ll even stick. After pumping it about 20 times (it’s hydraulic) it’ll be fine. It hasn’t always done this. That’s why it worries me. The clutch fluid level is fine. Any thoughts?

I’d say the clutch master cylinder needs to be replaced. While you are at it you should consider replacing the clutch slave cylinder at this time if it is about the same age as the master. It’s not mandatory though if it’s not showing signs of leaking.

I always replace the master cylinder and slave cylinder as a pair.

I have an early 90’s Toyota Corolla and it had this same problem one time. I replaced the clutch master cylinder, as mentioned above, and it fixed it up straight away. If you do your own car repairs, this is usually a pretty easy job. Maybe 45 minutes. And the part is inexpensive. On my Corolla I had to loosen the brake servo to get proper access to the clutch master cyl, but that was about the only technical problem I had to deal with. Oh, I had to bleed the line too after, but that’s simple to accomplish also. It’s a judgement call, but I wouldn’t replace the slave cyl unless there’s a reason to.

Bench bleed the master cylinder for best results if I recall correctly from my 91.