1995 Nissan Pickup clutch quit...but no problem found?

The clutch suddenly quit so I have the pickup truck towed to a car shop. After checking and stay overnight nothing wrong was found and was able to drive it back home the next day.

Well good for you. Is there a question here?

My pickup truck just suddenly won’t let me switch gears and the clutch pedal just stayed on the floor and will not come back up. After the auto shop mechanic looked it over he said there is nothing wrong he can find with the truck. I have it driven home the next day and had no problem doing it. Kind of concern using it now because it might do it again in the middle of nowhere. help!

Sure sounds like a clutch master cylinder to me. A slave cylinder wouldn’t “un-fail” since its so simple. The master could be failing and there could be trash in the fluid screwing up the master cylinder seal. If the shop bled the clutch, the trash may be gone. But the master may be still a problem. I’d change the master and if the truck’s got lots of miles on it, the slave and its rubber hose, too.

Thank you so much for the information. Thank you for you time, effort and expertise on the matter.

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Too me, it sounds like you may have broken a flywheel bolt and the head got jammed between the clutch plate and the flywheel. That will hold the pedal to the floor and not allow the clutch to disengage. The bolt head could have fallen out when the mechanic stepped on the clutch pedal with the engine off and cold. It won’t go back up into the clutch again, it is harmless now, but if one breaks, more may follow.

Is this the original clutch? If not, how old is it and how many miles? It may be time to schedule a pre-emptive clutch replacement on your terms instead of the trucks.