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1994 Toyota Pickup Clutch that won't stay fixed!

I’ve got a 1994 Toyota pickup, base model, 4 cylinder, with 92,000 miles on it. In the past six months I’ve replaced the master cylinder (twice), the slave cylinder, and the clutch itself. The master cylinder was replaced yesterday because my mechanic thinks there’s a leak, which was causing air to get into the system (pumping the clutch pedal worked for a while, but yesterday the pedal went to the floor, there was no shifting possible, and I had to drive in first gear. Today the truck still isn’t shifting properly which means within a few weeks I won’t be able to shift at all. They’ve replaced everything and gone over everything. Does anyone have any ideas?



Is there a rash of bad replacement parts? This is the second in as many days.

Check the slave cylinder. I had to replace mine before it was a year old due to a leak. It was evident after pulling back the dust boot.

Even if they leak they still work until the fluid is gone,is this the case? I drove a 88 Ranger for 30K with a leaking slave cylinder. Just had to fill it every 3 days.

Turns out it was six months between master cylinder replacements - he took out all the play in the pedal (there was over an inch worth). Right now it seems a little better, but still not right. Currently wishing I’d kept my '66 Charger, but that’d be a whole 'nother set of problems right now!