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How to replace the clutch on my 1987 Toyota Truck

I am having problems with my clutch. My car doesn’t seemt to want to go into gear as I step on the clutch. I was told more than likely more clutch has gone out on me. What parts would I need. and does anyone know how I should go about fixing it. I was told I may need to purchase the clutch kit, Master cylinder and slave cylinder is there anything else? any suggests would be greatly appreicated. Thank you !!

You’re saying that it doesn’t want to go into gear vs. the clutch slipping when it is in gear. If you can shift into the gears with the engine not running, likely you may need replace master and/or slave cylinder. But first you should probably bleed the clutch hydraulics and verify whether one or both of the cylinders are malfunctioning. If the clutch were actually slipping while driving, then you would look at the actual clutch.

Here is a clutch test that will determine if the clutch is slipping. Nose the truck up to something solid, like a tree. Put the parking brake on solid. Start the engine and shift into the highest gear (fourth or fifth). As you let out the clutch, rev the engine as if you are taking off – give it lots of gas. If the engine stalls abruptly, the clutch is still good. If the engine stays running, the clutch is slipping and you need the clutch kit which will include, the clutch disc, clutch pressure plate, and the throwout bearing. While in there you might need to replace or surface the flywheel; replace the pilot shaft bearing; and renew the crankshaft rear seal. Get a Chilton or Haynes manual to read the replacement steps.

If the clutch is not slipping, the clutch master cylinder reservoir is full, and any air has been bled out, you probably have a worn clutch master cylinder. You might want to replace the slave cylinder at the same time as they tend to fail soon after the master cylinder.

Hope that helps.

You have two excellent answers already. I’d just like to suggest that you first check the hydraulics, and if the master or slave cylinder is bad change both. Then, if the clutch is slipping, you can pick up a clutch kit.

One other suggestion. The speedo is driven by a cable that comes out of the left side of the tranny housing. The cable housings after that many years can corrode right to the tranny housing casting. Mine on my '89 Toyota pickup did. If you have to do the clutch, you might want to consider pulling the instrument cluster out and disconnecting the cable at the cluster end, then dropping it with the tranny. It seems like more work, but if the threads come out wth the cable housing you’le have a hard time gettng it to stop leaking around the speedo cable, or even getting the cable to stay where it belongs, without tapping, helicoiling, and installing a new cable sheath end…which means a new cable. The good news is that even of this happens the cable hole is high enough on the houseing that it won’t present a tranny lube starvation issue while you struggle to find a way to keep the cable in there.

Thanks for all the info you all have shared with me. The problem I am having is that I can’t even get it into gear. As I apply my foot unto the clutch pedal it goes in easily like there is no air or pressure. I tried putting the truck in to gear it grins instead and makes loud noises. It looks like I would definately have to tow it to a shop to get this all done. I don’t know of anyone that can really help me with this. All the info has been useful and I am grateful of you all providing me with this… Thank you all so much !!

It seems that the gears are stuck and it doesn’t even allow me to move into neutral. It makes loud noises like the grears are grinding.

FIRST, check the FLUID (brake fluid) in the clutch master cylinder, located to the left of the brake cylinder. It’s smaller than the brake cylinder. If it’s empty, fill it. See if the clutch pedal will pump up…Also, will the transmission shift normally with the engine turned off?? Before you tear into the clutch itself, make sure the hydraulic linkage is working properly…

If you find the fluid empty, there is a leak someplace that must be fixed…

have you checked the fluid in the transmission itself? the problem might not be with your clutch at all. if the fluid is really low, pull the drain plug and drain the fluid into a clean container to look for any big chunks of metal