In June 2009 a new clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder were installed into my 1995 Toyota Tercel (standard shift, 2door, 175.000 miles). This past weekend I could not shift gears and the clutch pedal had no pressure. Is it possible that the same mishap can happen twice in a 5 month period or could it be something different?

Thank you

Have you checked the fluid (brake fluid) level in the clutch master cylinder?? If it’s empty, something is leaking. Find the leak and fix it…If it’s full of fluid, post back and we will venture off into the twilight zone…

I have not checked anything because I am not mechanical at all. Tomorrow I will take the car to the shop where the job was done in June and see what they say. The job they did is under warranty, but mechanics are such foxes I thought I would check around because they may say that this is different from what was fixed back in June, even though it may be the same, but I have no way of knowing.
Thanks for your suggestion, appreciate it.