1994 Pontiac TransPort

I have a 1994 transPort with 205000 miles. I realize we’re living on borrowed time with this thing, but after having a new tranny put in in October, we’re not in a fiscal position to replace it just yet.

From time to time it’ll stall. Put it in neutral, re-start it, end of story, go on your merry way. The check engine soon light has been on for years and we though it was the tranny, but after the new tranny, light’s still on.

The other day mu husband is on his way to the store. The van stalls out pulling into the lot so he parks it. Goes back out, it won’t start.

We have replaced the relay to the fuel filter and the fuel filter itself and still nothing. It’s getting a charge and rolling over but so far, we can’t hear the pump coming on. Someone suggested oxygen sensor…any ideas??

It’s a 1994 pontiac Transport 3.8. I’d hate to take it to a mechanic because we’d have to tow it there. It’s a diagnostic issue at this point, whatever it is we can fix it. Going to call service mgr at local Pontiac dealership and see what happens.

Please help!!!

A stall means that spark, or fuel, has stopped going into the engine. To see if the problem is fuel, at the auto parts store get a spray can of Starter Fluid (or, similar product). Pull a small hose off the big plastic intake tube, and spray a two second spray of the Starter Fluid into the big black plastic tube. Start (attempt) the engine. If it starts and runs a couple of seconds, the problem is fuel into the engine. If it doesn’t start and run for two seconds, the problem is, probably, spark. Pull a spark plug wire from a spark plug. Put a spark plug into the end of the spark plug wire. Position the spark plug to touch clean, unpainted, metal (DON’T hold it !) Crank the engine while watching for spark across the spark plug gap. This a test for spark. Results? Put the gear shift into neutral. Turn the ignition key OFF and ON a few times; then, START. Results?

My apologies, I didn’t discose all of the information. It will roll over, just not ‘catch’. There is a spark, that’s the first thing that was checked. The relay has been replaced and the fuel filter and the pump itself.

Thanks for the help!