Pontiac Torrent Starting/ stay running issues

So the issue actually occurred years ago but I left the vehicle as we did not need to use it. Now I have time to tinker soo. To start the vehicle ran excellent to a destination we chose to sell it (front yard oh house on main highway). Not much interest so we decided to bring it home. Well. It would start then stall or it would not start at all. We popped the hood and found a nest. Cleaned what we thought to be all of it up but the issue has continued.

When I turn the key forward if and only if I can hear the fuel pump kick on the car will start. If it does start it only runs for a short time sounds fine then stalls. It runs max 10-15 seconds. Regardless of gas pressed or anything.

I have switched fuses on fuel relay. I don’t know much. Help please lol

Did you change the fuel pump relay itself or just the fuse?

On some cars, the fuel pump will turn off if the oil pressure is too low - or if an oil pressure sender unit is not working properly. The wiring diagram may disclose if this is possible on our car. Good luck!

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Just switched the fuses. A bit scared to get into spending to much money without trying to isolate issue first. Honestly vehicle was gonna go for metal but I’m bothered that it worked perfectly before this issue

From what I’ve read the relay itself is a big grey “fuse” looking cube. I have switched it with the rear wiper one which I know is working and same part number and same issue

Do you have the ability to put a gauge on the fuel rail to check pressure?
Do you have a meter to check power at the fuel pump, relay and fuse?

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You PAY your mechanics to tell YOU what needs to be fixed, not the other way round. Especially because of this statement:

For that statement alone, I’m not going to advise you how to diagnose the problem because I don’t think you have the skills or the tools.

Don’t go into a shop and tell THEM what is wrong. That is a recipe for failure. If you think the mechanic will rip you off, leave and find an honest one. Look for well-rated shops with a good reputation. Ask friends and co-workers, check Yelp and Google. Look for independent shops, not chains… Expect a bit of a wait and don’t expect the cheapest prices. Good Luck.

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Why waste time and money on this car if it’s just going to the scrap yard.

Hey listen. I joined this group and posted this to gather ideas of what could be going on. I truly don’t need you to tell me to go to a mechanic. That alone is why I joined this. I was trying to tinker with it myself. It’s a vehicle that has sat in my yard for 8 years and still starts and stops as it did when issue occurred.

I respect your opinions.
I’m looking for advice on the possible issues.
Also links to videos to fix or whatever. That’s all. The torrent is on its way to junk yard but the problem bothers me so I wanted to try again.


My wag a fuel issue, change fuel filter and some sea fome or similar.

That is the other problem with this post. You didn’t tell us this in the original post, nor the mileage, nor whether you’d put fresh gas in it. None of this works if you feed us info in small dribbles.

I suggest you list it for sale as a non running mechanic’s special.