1995 Transport

I have a 1995 Pontiac Transport and am having an awful time trying to figure out what’s wrong. When you start it, it revs up and then almost dies…and when you stop at least 30-45 minutes it does it again. On the road it runs great and sometimes it won’t do the “reving”. We were told it’s an engine computer problem. We shanged that out…an other LONG story but won’t go into that. It still acted the same. Then we were told an O2 sensor, we changed that. Then an EGR, we replaced that…still same. Checked for vacuum leaks. Not! We have changed the fuel filter at least twice. Then a mechanic said it was running lean.I kow there’s other valves etc. that we’ve rplaced but am wondering now if it coule be a fuel pressure regulator?

OOPS this is owner for Transport…engine is 3.1 litre 6 cylinder

First off, take the van to someone else who has a clue what to do.

This place will just suck your wallet dry.

Now, do you get or have ever had the CEL (Check Engine Light) come on?

If it has, get the code(s) read and post ONLY the letters/numbers back here for more help.
3.1L V6…Mileage?
Some auto supply stores will read the codes for free.

Agree; your current mechanic is a “parts hanger”, and does not know how to do a proper diagnosis. In the medical profession these guys are called “quacks”.

As recommended, go to a knowlegeable mechanic who can actuall find what the problem is. It might be something samll.

Thanks for your help. We’re going to a mechanic tomorrow and will get what you asked for and post it as soon as I get back. The check engine light does come on but doesn’t stay on.

Ok here goes…we got the diagnostic code. It’s >>>> 01 BANK (OR LEFT BANK) LEAN <<<<< I’ll appreciate any help or ideas you have. This car is making me crazier as each day passes. I guess my next question is when does one quit pooring money into it? I’m afraid we’ve already got about $600.00 in it. We are on a very limited income so has been tough. Again thanks!!

The code for this is PO171.

This has come up here before but I couldn’t tell you what the cure was. (I’ll do a search for it)

The only one that was right (close) was the mechanic you said told you it was running lean.

Not being a tech, I’ll leave it to our resident pros.

WE have techs on site here who can positively identify and recommend a fix for you.

Ok, found the post.

Have a read and perhaps hellokit’s reply will help.

Here’s the link: http://community.cartalk.com/posts/list/1110609.page

i had the same van 1995 we had all kinds of trouble with some of the things you talk about it ended up being the wiring harness that runs along the front bumper they are know for it

Alright I’m curious now. What was found to cause what here because of the wiring?

not sure i know that when we got the van back ran good but on way home started to act up turned around put it on the lift found another wire that was broken spoke to pontiac told it was common never had trouble again i no longer have it