'94 Pontiac Transport Elecrical Problem

I drive a 1994 Pontiac Transport 3.8L van. It’s been largely pretty good. Today my family and I took it out for a bit of shopping then met my in-laws for lunch. After lunch the van started up fine, but the following things suddenly were not working (or working well):

Acceleration is slugging

No fans internally (AC or otherwise)

No power windows

Tachometer doesn’t move, regardless of RPMs

Speedometer doesn’t move, regardless of velocity.

Warning lights for low fuel and ABS are on.

And just for the sake of thoroughness, here’s what does work:

Power door

Power locks



Power Steering (I think)

Transmission feels good.

I drove it from the restaurant home, about 10-15 miles, and while it was slow to speed up once you got to speed it cruised without issue. Naturally I think it’s something electrical - maybe something in the startup process just kinda borked.

Feedback is appreciated.

Using a test light probe, check to see if voltage is getting to the 15 amp ignition fuse in the fuse block when the trouble happening. If you dont’t have voltage there then the problem would seem to be the ignition switch. There is a orange wire from the switch that provides power to the areas you mention and others.

After looking at the drawing again I see the window circuit bypasses the the fuse I mentioned so the ignition switch is the trouble.