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1994 Lincoln Mark VIII

We recently bought a 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII, and would like to use the keyless entry buttons. We didn’t receive the manufacturer’s preset entry code, and have been unable to find it. I looked at the trunk hinges and inside the air ride control box in the trunk, and found one green sticker with a date and a 4-digit number. This number does not unlock the door. Any ideas?

The sticker should be located on the right (passenger) side of the trunk compartment on the trunk hinge. It should be visible with the trunk open. It should be a white sticker with 5 digits on it.

These stickers are not what I would call “permanent” ones and odds are that if the sticker is missing the glue has given up and the sticker fell off at some point or it was rubbed off by something in a loaded trunk.

If it’s not on the trunk hinge you might try visiting the Ford dealer service dept (with title in hand) and see if they can obtain this info for you from FOMOCO where it should be on file. Hope that helps.

Just an additional note. I mentioned visiting the Ford dealer so this would be a good time to follow up on a Recall that exists on these cars. It involves a brake switch and this Recall is free of charge to you. This would be a good time to ask about the keypad code.

And you should really get this Recall done if it has not been performed already. While the odds are unlikely, it’s possible anyway that the car could burn to the ground in the middle of the night or whatever.