Keyless entry code reset, '85 Town Car

I have (or maybe had) a friend who knew that I have reset the keyless entry pads on several later model Ford products. It involves entering the car’s master code into the touch pad, hitting the 1-2 button, and then entering a five digit code to the owner’s liking. I like to use kid’s birthdays, like 62676 or whatever. My “friend” asked me to help a friend of his reset the code on an old Lincoln that he was given. Yes, given. It’s not a bad old car, although it has some minor fender damage. Anyway, all of the other Fords I’ve reset had either a small tag on a trunk hinge, on the inside of the trunk lid, under the dash on some sort of electrical box above the gas pedal, or in the trunk on what I think is a stereo amplifier usually found in front of a panel directly in back of the back seat.

OK, enter the old Lincoln. I looked in all the normal places and could not find a tag with the five digit number anywhere. I suspect that the trunk lid may have been replaced at some point which would have made that sticker disappear.

Short of taking it to the dealer and spending big bucks, is there a way to reset the key pad on this car? Did I mention that my “friend’s” friend is far from well-to-do? That’s why he had to have someone GIVE him a car, and ask me to fix the keypad it for nothing.

Have you looked in the owners manual?? Maybe someone was smart enough to write the code in there…Failing that, it’s off to the dealer…

Good thought, but we’re talking about a 25 year old free car here. There is no owner’s manual available. I looked.

Found this for an 89, “-factory code is on the side of the module in the trunk
hanging under the deck rh side by the speaker” Hope it helps.