Where to find the code for entry keypad on mercury

I know on a Expedition the keypad on the doors code or called keyless entry from the factory is in a box on the steering column under the dash the original 5 digit code can have a second one added but you first need to know the first one from the factory… I hope I make some sense… Where do I find it on a 94 Grand marquis?

This is just a moderately wild guess here, but I would say look on the trunk hinges.

i know on the expedition its under dash and explorer it in the rear left side panel.

I looked in the trunk, under the hood and under dash, any more help would be appreciated.

On Lincolns the number is on a narrow sticker on the bottom side of the trunk hinge.

Mercury’s should be the same I would think. In thirteen years the sticker may of fallen off.
If so, check with the dealer.


It should be located on the support hinge on the trunk on the right side. if you don’t find it there then remove the kick panel on the passenger side in front and it should be located there@

The trunk and its hinge may have been replaced due to an accident, or someone could have peeled it off so a parking lot attendent couldn’t find it for future night work. Bensto61 is correct, it should be under the kick panel. It can also be found on the amp for the stereo behind the “cardboard” panel at the front of the trunk IF it is so equipped.

Once you find it, you can program it to whatever five digit number you like. Use the factory code, then hit the 1-2 button within a couple of seconds. Then put in a code you like. I use five digit birthdays of relatives, like 6-23-86, to make them easy to remember.

Code + 34 open the door, 56 pick up sticks (or open the trunk) 78&90 at the same time will lock all four doors.

Wow, a lot of ideas, thank you, I cant wait to get outside tomorrow and check some of those places out. great help, thanks to all. cb