Door keypad on 94 grand marquis


where on this car would i find the factory five digit door code to use the keypad?


On that specific car, it is on a label on one of the arms that holds the trunk lid. On mine, I put another label over it to hide it. If you bought used, the last owner may have done the same.
The electronic module that works the locks and the keypad is behind the glovebox. It may have a label on it too, but I never looked.


I not positive, but I think that one is too old for the scan tool to work on. It wasn’t networked like many cars are now.


im pretty sure you will find it in the trunk


i checked the arms and no numbers show on either side top to bottom


no go anywhere in the trunk, but thank you all for the input.


On my '92 Vic, I had to make a quick trip to the dealer to get it…($35) If you have the owners manual, check it closely, the former owner may have written it down…

It’s SUPPOSED to be on the inside of the trunk lid and on the module, (behind the glove box), but not on mine…


On my 94 it was in the trunk and on a plastic card in the owner’s manual. If you have neither, you will probably have to go to the dealer. Like I said, it might be on the keyless module itself. Empty the glovebox, and press in on each side of it, and the glovebox will swing down out of the way. Then you should be able to see the module. Don’t confuse it with the blue air-bag module that is also behind the glovebox.
Still, I’m not sure it will be on the module. I know that it isn’t on my 06 LS.