1982 Lincoln Mark VI door mounted keyless entry combination location?

A friend has inherited a 1982 Lincoln Mark Six. It’s really a nice old car with under 100K miles. There are a lot of things on the car that seem to be years ahead of their appearance on other models. Since I am the only car guy he knows who was around and conscious when the car was new, he has asked me several questions. I have been able to answer several of them, but I do not know how or where to find a record of the factory settings for the keyless entry. On later Ford products it is found under the trunk lid, sometimes on a hinge, sometimes on the lid itself. This does not appear to be the case on this old Lincoln. The sticker may have been removed by a paranoid former owner.

Does anyone know where I can find this info on the car, and if found, is reprogramming done in the same manner as a later Ford? “Push 1-2, then key in the five digit combo desired.”

If you can find the security module, the master code should also be on the label of that. I think for the cars, this module is under the passenger side dash. I do know on Ford Exploders it is behind the left rear panel.

I seem to recall that the keyless entry code for some Ford models can be found on one of the hinges for the trunk lid. Open the trunk and look for a sticker on one of those hinges.