2004 lincoln town car

I just bought a 2004 Lincoln Town Car . I am trying to find the factory set master code for the keyless entry.
Is there a website that I can enter the vin number and obtain the master code?

Visit a dealer. Their computer ( called IDS ) hooks up to your car and retrieves the codes.

Certainly NOT a web site ! Just imagine …any person can see the vin from in the widshield from the outside !

Even at the dealer, proof of ownership is imperative.


If it’s not written in the owners manual by a previous owner, look inside the trunk lid…This holds true for any Ford Panther,…Crown Vic, Grand Marq or Town Car…But if you simply can’t find it, any Ford dealer can retrieve it for you …

Look in the trunk and you may find the code stuck on one of the hinges. It will be a 5 number code. I buy older Lincolns and there is where I have always find them.

The codes on the Lincolns I’ve owned have always been on the trunk hinges; a little paper tag on the side.

Just bought a 2004 Town Car. The door codes are behind the driver door interior panel; so you have to take the inner door panel off to read them. The only other alternative is to pay the dealer $85+ to pull the code off the main computer. It’s a much safer system but FAR harder.