Car turns over with no spark or fuel

i have a 95 civic coup with a jdm gsr i whent to start it thursday morning for work and noticed the furl pump wasnt kicking on i also checked the plugs and no spark iv replaced the fuel pump a relay or two and checked all fuese and still nothing please some one help

Rather than replacing things, I suggest that you start testing them.

Sorry I don’t know the Civic well enough to be very specific or helpful.

Check your battery terminals. When you have not elct fuel pump operation, and no spark the problem is up toward the head end of the electrical system. If the lugs and posts are clean, and there is good charge on the battery, check the fusible link, and then the main system fuse if there is one.

where would the fuse able link be? iv checked every fuse that i kno of iv replaced the main raly fot the fuel system twice but it doesnt explain the spark problem? i just found out how to check my engine code if there is a problem and from the code it gaveme i think it may be my ecu

Check to see if the ignition system is getting power to it. The fuel system may not be working because the ignition system isn’t and the ECU has shut the fuel system down until the ignition starts working again.