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1993 Ford Ranger - Pitman arm help

Taking off pitman arm on a 1993 ford ranger,any easy ways to do this job ? I have to put new seals in bottom and dont wannt to take out box

Remove the pitman arm nut.

Remove the pitman arm with a pitman arm puller.

Reach up with snap ring pliers and remove the snap ring/washers.

Place a catch pan below the power steering gear.

Fill the power steering pump if required.

Start the engine, and rev the engine to about 2,000 RPM’s while turning the steering wheel back and forth very rapidly.

This should blow the old the seals out.

Use a pipe/large socket to install the new seals.

Put everything back together.



If power steering fluid is leaking at the pitman arm the problem is not at the pitman arm but at the hydraulic control unit which must be removed and requires removing the pitman arm and the steering gear from the truck. Heavy grease is in the gear section.