Steering gear seal replacement


How difficult is it to replace the seals in a steering gear for a 92 F150? Specifically, the lower one at the pitman arm. I have been able to locate nothing as fat as instructions on the internet. I have got to go get a clymers


[b]To replace the pitman shaft seals, remove the pitman arm. Remove the snapring from around the pitman shaft. Place a catchpan below the steering gear. Start the engine, and with the RPM’s at about 2000, and crank the steering wheel back and forth rapidly. The hydraulic pressure should blow the seals out into the catchpan.



great. I had read somewhere that you have to come at the seal from the top, through all the gears and everything.
Then simply place the new seal in place?


Any tricks I will need to put the new seal in?


[b]Once the the old seals are blown out, clean the pitman shaft and steering gear with brake parts cleaner.

Coat the rubber part of the new pitman seals with petroleum jelly. Position the first seal over the shaft into the steering gear, and tap the seal into the steering gear with either the proper diameter of pipe or a punch. Do the same with the second seal.

Now take the spacer washer that came out with the seals and coat one side with grease. Put the greased side up into the steering gear. This will hold this spacer in place while the snapring is reinstalled.

Install the snapring, connect the pitman arm, and refill the power steering system with fluid.

Bleed the power steering system as required.