Power steering box leaking

I own a 1990 Toyota P/U 4wd 22RE.

The power steering box is leaking to the point I need to add fluid once a week. I do not wish to dump $290 on a rebuilt unit. Has anyone had any luck replacing the seals? Do the shafts get pitted with rust like the Nissans did?

The pitman seals can be replaced.

Remove the nut from the pitman shaft and remove the pitman arm. Remove the retaining clip from up inside the steering box. Place a catch container below the steering box. Start the engine and get the idle up to about 2,000 RPM’s and turn the steering wheel rapidly back and forth. This will blow the old seals out. Install the new seals using a length of pipe to tap them into place. Put everything back together and refill the power steering system.


Try one of the power steering stop leak products. I’ve had good results with it. If it doesn’t work, you can still change the seals.

Did that all ready. I used Wynn?s Transmission stop leak. It?s the best stuff on the market. It didn?t help at all.

Thanks for the tip on how to blow the seal out. I always did it the old fusion way of using a seal puller and a lot of profanity. But I recall seeing it leaking from the top seal too. Any advice on that one?