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1990 Voyager Side Door Jammed Shut

This is the big passenger sliding door, someone helpfully slid-and-slammed it shut about a year ago and it’s been that way since, no strong man of my acquaintance can move it. The door lock turns. This is not a self-lubing vehicle, has manual windows (yes it’s that decrepit). I was hospitalized (major surgery) so am dealing with things put off for a long time. But I really can’t do this any more, this is the door to the passenger area where my son, who is confined to a wheelchair, would be transported. Is this something AAA can figure out? My car dealer isn’t open on Saturdays, I have no leave time to use on this kind of thing…so I have to get the right answer. Any ideas welcome.

Does your sliding door have the ‘child proof’ lock on it? I know this may sound like a smart-alec question but it’s happened before.

Trying to visualize the problem…when you pull on the door handle (inside or out) is there a little resistance like maybe the linkage is STILL hooked up?

OR, does it pull like there is nothing attached? (I used to have a '94 years ago)

AAA fixed it
The conversion interior plastic started to break, and a pit of plastic got jammed into the lock.
Still have the vehicle.