ok well i am a girl and has no idea how to fix the sliding door on it. it wont open i believe one of the rods is broken but cant figure out how to get it open to fix it and yes its not locked…lol so can anyone help and explain what i should do to get it to open?

What year?

The short of it is that you remove anything on the interior door panel with a screw and then pry the door panel off and then it should be relatively self evident what you need to do inside the door. Be aware that a door panel that’s been removed by an amateur (or some pros for that matter) may never go back on right.

On the other hand, it might take an experianced body shop guy who’s taken off body panels every day of his life for the last 30 years a couple of minutes, so it may be worth taking it in.

I have to agree with Greasy on this one. By the time you buy repair manual, the tools to remove the handles and the door panels without damage, and spend the weekend fooling with it, you may regret not having taken it to a shop.

well i got it fixed and it was really easy it took like 10 mins and its all back together and didnt need to buy any new parts

Great! Perhaps now you can work on grammar and punctuation. Pretty soon you will be fixing all kinds of car problems and writing in complete sentences.