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Sliding Door on 2001 Pontiac Montana


I have a passenger side door that is electric and intermittently does not work. I hear the clicking before the door moves, but it seems like the motor is not running. Has anyone experienced this problem?

Thanks, Mike

The doors are problematic,they do have a self diagnostic feature,you can purchase a factory Service Guide for about $20.00,is the track clear?

Have you cleaned all the door contacts (the leading edge of the door and door post) with electrical contact cleaner?

(FYI) Do not grease the rollers as the grease will pick up all foreign matter and will cause more problems with the door.

Make sure the power sliding door overhead switch is off. (I inadvertently hit this overhead override button myself in my '00 Silhouette one time)

Is the child proof lock out lever (on the door) switched to LOCK?

If need be, remove the right rear panel and check the door motor and cable for poor/corroded electrical connections.

Ensure there is 12V getting to the motor while the door switch is activated.

Do you find this problem no matter which switch you use? (remote door opener, the pass. side door pillar switch or the drivers arm rest switch)

Actually, I was just looking at the contacts and they are pretty oxidized. Going to try that first.

As for the grease, GM already took care of that for me. I noticed this summer, when it first happened, that they greased the track and roller. I will have to clean that with a degreaser. That will be a job for warmer weather.

Child lock is off.

When there is a problem all switches including the remotes don’t work. You can hear the initial click which I assume is a release, but that’s it.

Thanks for the suggestions. Good points to start with.

Can you suggest where to find a factory Service Guide. Is this only something the dealer can sell me?

Track looks clear, but it was grease by GM so I think this is going to take some investigation during warmer weather.

Thanks for the suggestion.

That would be Faxon,found them under a google search for Factory Service Manuals. Also look at Gearhead.

Hi. I was having issues with my door aswell. Tried everything in the manual and on threads. I got it to work finally after tens of hours. I opened the actuator control module and pulled out the circuit breaker. Cleaned it with pressured air, and then wiped it down. Plugged it in and it friggin works now!!! Give that a try.

That’s a good suggestion, but don’t you think that after more than 8 years, the OP already fixed the problem, or–more likely–got rid of the vehicle?

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There could be more than one General Motors van with a failing power sliding door, others may find that information useful.

:joy::joy: I didn’t even think to look at when the OP was. But yeah, I definitely think that there are people with the problem still. Just got the car myself a few days ago for a longer trip with the kids, and it was extremely relevant to me. I read through tons of threads and not one mentioned trying what I did. Hope it helps someone :blush:


It’s been so long they got rid of my original account.

I hate to say I had to get rid of it. All the metal was the cheap chinese stuff and it was coming off in sheets like an onion. What did it for me was there was no more metal left holding the front plastic and lights on.