2014 Ford Transit Connect Sliding Door Issues-Child Saftey Lock Engaged-Latch Problems

Thanks in advance for any input. Greatly appreciated!

What a nightmare Uhgg. :wink:

2014 Ford Transit Connect Passanger XLT Sliding Rear Door Issues.

I’ll try not to be too long winded yet hopefully leaving enough details for suggestions.

  • Initially rear driver side- sliding outside door latch- not working, inside latch did work for opening the door.

  • Child safety lock on the same door was engaged while door was open accidentally, door will now not open either inside or outside. (Thanks Bro! LOL)

  • We took off both inside sliding door panels to get a closer look. No remedy as of yet.

  • We disengaged the child safety lock mechanism (Blue fiberglass/plastic type piece) on the passenger side, outside still works fine however inside will not open. We did this so the child safety lock would not engage accidentally again. We were only able to do this only because the door was already opened.

  • The actuators all seem to relay and be working just fine.

***The child safety lock on these doors is located on the back of each sliding door which is currently locked on the rear drivers side. Does not seem to be a way to get to it easily. Any thoughts on how to open?

Any other input or advise? Thanks again!

I would spray some penetrating oil at the door latch mechanism,let it sit a while then try opening the door.

Will try that! Thank you

Verdict, if anyone unfortunately experiences a similar situation.

My mechanic had to break the LATCH ASSEMBLY/LOCK unit in order to get the sliding door open. I found and ordered the new LATCH ASSEMBLY online for $307.

PART # DT1Z61264A27AP

The part ranges from around ($300-450) There is a special tool he also had to use to finish the installation.

My mechanic installed for $437 total with part. Dealership would have been $1000 or much more I was told.

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Thank you for coming back and posting the solution, we very seldom get that.