1987 Dodge W250 won’t start

rebuilt carburated 360 w/an msd 6al multispark unit & blaster 2 coil. Purchased the vehicle this way. Recently,after driving vehicle for a short period of time (1/2 hr to 1 hr), it will not restart after shut down. after it sat for a while & cooled down, it would start. now, it is not starting at all. I will get a crank, and one turnover, but it will not run. I have installed a new distributor because the reluctor on the old one was rusted. I thought that could be an issue. also has new voltage regulator, msd blaster2 coil, plug wires, edelbrock avs2 carb (old carter afb was pretty nasty looking). the “turnover” actually sounds better, probably due to the new ignition components. getting plenty of fuel, spark, etc. any ideas why it will not run? thanks

If the spark and fuel supply to the carb definitely test ok, most likely either the carb’s inlet valve is sticking shut, or there’s some kind of fuel leak from the carb into the intake manifold. The latter can be caused by a leaking power valve for example, and I know from personal experience that can cause a ‘hard to start when the engine is warm’ problem. Wouldn’t normally cause a hard to start when the engine is cold; however, if the ehicle has sat unused overnight, enough fuel may leak out that it might take several attempts at cranking before the fuel bowl fills again before it pops and runs. Start off by verifying the carb inlet valve is working. While doing that, verify the choke plate is fully or nearly fully closed prior to a cold start.