1986 F150 5.0 V8- rebuilt

On cold start first thing in the morning, the engine turns right over without gassing and continues to run smooth. Subsequent starts are dificult. The engine cranks strongly but has trouble catching to start. If it goes, it runs well. Wires/plugs, 1 yr old. Any ideas? A bleeder valve on the fuel rail produces a steady strong stream of gas if pressed. Truck has a front/back switch that works but seems electrical to me.

Thanks car talk folks. Love your show. I wish you did motorcycles too.


I can’t tell from your description what might be the problem, but two things typically cause this type thing; vapor lock somewhere, and a stuck choke. My wife’s Granada with a 351 Windsor engine suffered from this as well.

I would first make sure the the carburetor, if it has one, works properly. If the truck has a heat riser valve, make sure it operates properly. A stuck hot air valve will put too much heat on the intake system, making it hard to restart the engine.

Good luck.

Is the choke open when you try the warm restart?

It could possibly be related to the ignition module. Your truck should have the TFI-IV module on it and these were prone to heat failure. Testing them is generally a waste of time since they may test fine and screw up when they get hot.
It’s the little gray module on the side of the distributor.

They’re a common problem, and you’re too late to get any reimbursement.

Thanks for responding. The vehicle is fuel injected and has a bleeder port on the fuel rail. I found it to have low pressure. The issue is either electrical or possibly a regulator issue. There are two fuel pumps, one in each tank and I think the dashboard selector switch is working because when I change tanks the fuel level changes on the dash. I cannot hear the pumps running when I turn the key so it still could be a fuel pump issue.