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1999 Dodge Caravan - 7 turns

When I go out to start it, it turns about 7 or more times before kicking over and starting. After it is warmed up, it starts first time, but it burns gas quickly with doing very little millage. It is like it is not getting fuel to start up until 7 or more then starts up. What fuel problem do you think I am having. I am worried that soon it will not turn over and it seems like its taking longer to turn over as time goes by, this has been going on for 7 days or more now. I just put a new alternator, and battery. Can you tell me what the problem is, please?

What symptoms caused you to put a new battery and alternator in? When were the spark plugs changed, when was the air filter changed? Is your check engine light on, if it is on, take it to a parts store (Advance, Autozone etc) unless you live the the Peoples Republic of California, most stores will check the codes for free. Post the codes here, they will look like P1234

The next time you start it, turn the key to run but not all the way to start, let it sit there for 5 seconds, return to off, do it again 3 or 4 times, then try to start it. This allows the fuel pump to run and build up pressure. If it starts right away you need to have a trusted mechanic look at the fuel pump and fuel lines for a possible leak.

I don’t know how the OP determines the 7 turns part but I suspect a tired and ready to fail starter.