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Car dies after a few minutes of driving

I have a '88 Dodge Colt Wagon (not the Vista). I know I should get rid of it, but its more or less a ‘spare’. All three of my boys learned to drive in it, one now has it at college in Tucson Az. Last summer it started dying at stop lights soon after starting a trip; it then will not start again for 10 - 30 minutes. Once fully warmed up its OK. It has a Mitsubishi 1.5 l fuel injected engine, rebuilt 7 years, 30,000 miles ago. It was OK during the winter, but has started this bad behavior again. One mechanic in Tucson looked at it but couldn’t find anything. Any and all suggestions welcome.

Have your fuel pressure tested. I suspect that it’s low. Another problem may be the fuel filter. Have that checked also.

Why would it be ok after it warms up?