1987 bmw right rear vibration

i have a 1987 bmw 325ic my problem is the right rear vibrates when driving from 10mph

to 30mph it vibrate reach 55 mph and it stop

drives smooth at about 60 mph starts vibrating again swap rims around whole car but

right rear problem,the shocks on this car look factory or changed long time ago

pushing down on trunk makes squeaking

sound and when driving rear suspenion

makes rattle noise. took tires and balance

could be bad shocks i have 2 bent rims

put them on front does not vibrate at all

could the problem be bad shocks or a wheel

bearing any help would be great thanks.

If these shocks are original, it might be an idea to replace them.

The squeaking noise may not be coming from a faulty shock but possibly from a dried out rubber bushing.
Worn wheel bearings normally make grinding or howling type noises.

the vibrate acts like a bad bent rims wobble but i swap rims didnt help

Did your post make sense when you proof read it? I can’t figure out what your BMW’s problem is if I can’t understand your post. Please consider finding the punctuation and shift (not shift lock) keys on your keyboard.

I have an '89 325ic, a '94 325ic and an 85 325e. My son drives a '95 325i. I’ve owned MANY other BMWs over a 34 year period, probably over 20. They are my favorite brand of car and motorcycle as well. I’ve fixed a lot of different things on BMWs in a collective million miles plus. If I can figure out what you are trying to say, I may be able to help.

Lets start by replace those very old shocks/struts and those bent rims.

I also vote for better formatting of your message, but at least it is far better than those WHO USE ALL CAPS. :slight_smile: