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Vibrations in the Rear!

New tires, balanced twice and it still vibrates in the right rear at 65mph or over. Sometimes shimmies when you brake from the same right rear area. I think it is a wheel hub assembly but my regular mechanic says it checks out! Is there anyhing else that could make it vibrate? Or do I just have a massage option on my Buick I did not know about?

You don’t mention the year or mileage, But a worn rear shock/strut can cause a vibration.

If the shock/strut has lost it’s dampening effect, it can allow the tire to bounce up and down on the pavement as the vehicle is driven. This is refered to as tire hop. And when the brakes are applied, this tire hop can occur from a worn shock/strut.


If that (Tester’s suggestions) does not do it, or you want to try something that you likely can do yourself, try rotating the wheels that are now on the back to the front. See if it changes.

Its a 98 with 130k