BMW 325I 2004 vibrations

I have a vibration and loud rumble that seems to come from the Driver side front of my car. I happens regularly but not every day, and occurs after I have been driving for 15-20 minutes on the highway. Seems to be worse at 55-65mph but isn’t exclusive to that speed. When it happens, the car pulls to the left, the noise gets loud and after about 5 minutes (at same speed) it goes away.

I have replaced the rotor and brakes, don’t seem to be able to tie it to the tires (have moved them front to back). REcently had a shop realign the car as it was pulling slightly to the left (after the aligned it the first time). Any ideas?

I would have guessed tires too… Do the treads appear to wobble or bounce if you jack up each corner and rotate each tire? My M3 has noisy tire syndrome.

Sound can travel through a car’s body very well, making it hard to tell where it’s really coming from.

I’ve had a couple of instances where a BMW REAR wheel bearing was going out. They are very noisy. In fact I have a 325i that has one going bad right now. I can feel it if I jack up the errant rear wheel and shake the tire from nine and three o’clock. It also effects steering and handling.

I have been focusing on the front so far - maybe I need to look at the back. On one recent trip the vibration got so bad that I was concerned I wouldn’t make it home, and thats when I pulled the front wheel. The tire was difficult to turn rotor looked warped and I changed it. Things have improved but it still has the rumble that comes then goes after a while. I have thought about the bearings but as far as the front, I don’t see any play when I wiggle the wheel and it seems to turn easily without issue. I did notice with the new rotor that it ‘catches’ a bit through the caliper/brakes. Only did this with the tire removed.
It still gets me that the noise shows up then stops - regardless of whether I apply brakes, change speed etc.