1987 bmw rearend vibration

1987 325ic right rear vibration

my problem is that when driving the car right rear or rear of car vibrate at speed between

20 and 30 mph smooth out completely at 50mph and start vibrating again 56 to 65 mph

car make noise and squeaks in rear end like bad shocks and rear sway bar bushing and control arm bushing are dried kind of,had 2 bent rims, swap all around car to front not

vibrating swap every rim to right rear still vibrates put new tires on rear no change does

not hum or howl like wheel bearing, shocks look factory or over do for change. push down

on trunk lid feel stiff and make squeaking noise. i thought if shocks are worn the car bouce

a lot will it cause vibration is it normal for bmw when at rear tires toe in a little like vw bug.

also does one know where i can get some old school bbs honey cone or web type wheels

or a another type of factory 14"or 15 4 lug wheels off another make or model,how about some

4 lug steel wheels ,i install some spun aluimum racing disc wheel cover s

car has oem 14" alumium rims on it now

Have you checked the rear CV joints for play or lost motion?

Those bent rims can create all sort of weird vibrations when their bends come in an out of synchronization with one another. The bends will change position in relationship with one another as you corner.

As for finding other non-BMW wheels that will fit, I’d try ebay.