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Sunroof Won't Close!

I have an '03 Grand Am w/a sunroof. Last summer (2009) there were times that the sunroof wouldn’t close after I’d open it. I just had to “give it time” and it’d eventually close when it wanted. Therefore, I stopped opening it.

This past wknd I accidentally opened it more than the lifted position (it WILL close if it’s only in the “lifted” position) and now it won’t close.

This was Sunday afternoon and it’s now Tuesday. PLEASE HELP!

Check the owner’s manual. Some care have a small access panel in the headliner through which you can manually crank the sunroof closed in a situation such as this.

Have you checked the fuse for the sunroof?

If neither of those helps you have two choices: take the car to a mechanic or purchase a service manual and follow the procedure for diagnosis and repair of the sunroof operating mechanism.

Don’t wait. One day soon it will rain.

Okay I will check the manual.

I’ve not checked the fuse…I assumed it wouldn’t be blown since the darn thing will still open. :slight_smile:

Hopin’ the manual cranking option is available. Trying to avoid having to pay to fix it.

Thanks a ton!

(I’ve got some not so attractive plastic covering the hole right now. Lol.)